Aloe vera juice

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  • aloe vera juice in india
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Aloe vera juice

Rs. 310.00Rs. 690.00
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Rs. 310.00Rs. 690.00

Aloe vera juice (Halal Certified) 

Sharrets Aloe vera juice is a nourishing , cooling  dietary supplement , suitable for those who desire to maintain a natural energy level , glowing & healthy skin , and a balanced and healthy digestive system .

aloe vera Juice benefits: 

  • Dietary Supplement - 32 fl.oz.(946ml.)
  • It is whole leaf Aloe vera juice & is unflavored.
  • No color added , no flavor added , no water added. No sugar added .
  • Rich source of polysaccharides & phytonutrients.
  • Supports skin health , Immune system & digestion.
  • Nutritious , soothing & refreshing very low calorie drink.
  • Sharrets Aloe vera juice doen't contain fat & cholesterol .

Ingredients : 99.7% Pure Aloe Vera Juice,  less than 0.3% Permitted class II preservatives.

Nutritional facts of Sharrets aloe vera juice

Directions for uses : As a dietary supplement drink  4 fl. Oz / 120ml. ( 8 tb.spns) per day . Sharrets Pure Aloe Vera juice   can be mixed with your favorite juice .

aloe vera juice for constipation.
aloe vera juice for hair & skin. 
aloe vera juice for detox.

Storage : Store in a cool , dark place. Shake well before use. 
Store in a refrigerator after opening the container.

IMPORTANT :  Sharrets Aloe vera juice is a pure natural product therefore the colour may change slightly due to variations in seasons , but it doesn’t affects the quality , purity & efficacy of the product .  Results of drinking Sharrets Aloe vera juice may vary from individual to individual . The Information & statements mentioned on have not been evaluated by the Food & drug administration . This product is not intended to diagnose , treat , cure or mitigate any disease . If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

Product pictures on are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the original packing.


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