Rs. 2,831.00Rs. 2,980.00
  • MCT Oil
  • MCT Oil
  • MCT Oil
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Rs. 2,831.00Rs. 2,980.00
Rs. 2,831.00Rs. 2,980.00

MCT oil in India I Coconut MCT oil in India I best mct oil to buy 

MCT coconut oil in India I  MCT oil India online I Buy mct oil India I Buy MCT oil online India I C8 MCT oil India I Best MCT oil in India I MCT oil bulletproof I MCT oil in coffee I Buy MCT oil online India

Due to its small molecular size, MCTs are  digested much more rapidly than other long chain triglycerides; upon absorption, it is taken directly by the bloodstream and transported to the liver. This metabolic pathway allows MCTs  to serve as an instant energy source,rapidly available without accumulating as fat deposits in body tissues. 

The unique metabolic and functional properties of MCT , a consequence of its chemical structure, make the product a perfect nutritional complement for healthy food products, sports nutrition , adult & pediatric nutritionals, balanced diets and reduced calorie foods.

Sharrets MCT coconut oil is the finest option If you’re ensuing a low-carb, high-fat diet similar to the ketogenic diet, adding pure MCT Oil in your diet helps you to get enough healthy fats to stay in ketosis.

Sharrets MCT oil I Best MCT oil in India. 

Appearance : Clear colorless oily liquid. 
Odor & Taste : Neutral in odor & Taste. 
Source : Derived from Coconuts - No Palm oil.
  • Sharrets Mct oil FCC / Ph. Eur / USP  - Complies Food chemical codex , European Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia .
  • MCT oil Keto- Keto and paleo diet friendly. 
  • Free of color , Flavor & Preservatives .
  • 16.90 oz. & 32oz. BPA Free , Food grade HDPE Bottle 
  • Halal certified , Non GMO Gluten free - Gluten free MCT oil , gmo free mct oil . 
  • MCT oil vegan - Vegetarian & Vegan friendly MCT oil .
  • C8 C10 mct oil - High Caprylic acid (C8~60 % ) and Capric acid (C10~40 %) content . 
  • Solvent free , allergen free .  
  • No Wheat, No corn, No yeast, No soy, No animal or dairy products . 
  • Does not contain Seasame oil , Cottonseed oil , Castor oil , Mineral oil and or Argemome oil.                                                 

Advantages of MCT coconut oil - MCT Coconut oil health benefits : Is mct oil good for you ? 

You must add Coconut MCT oil in your diet If - want to feel strong , energized ,  and your wellness goals are :- 

  • Weight loss - MCT oil for weight loss -  MCT Coconut oil is popular for its weight loss claim and supports of MCT Oil helps with weight loss and weight management. It is also concluded in studies that MCTs have the capacity to reduce obesity and to stimulate weight loss. 
  • Immune system - MCT oil helps to boost immunity and supports graceful aging.
  • Sports Nutrition - Provides instant energy and enhance your athletic performance. 
  • Brain health - Supports Brain Health - Incorporate MCT oil to fuel your brain for instat source of energy. 
  • Ketosis & Intermittent fasting -bulletproof diet- Helps to remain in Ketosis and suitable for intermittent fasting . 
  • Malabsorption - Coconut MCT oil is a an excellent energy source for those individuals , who require energy-dense diet and those with fat malabsorption conditions .
  • Coconut MCT oil helps protect against degenerative appetite

MCT oil how to use and how much mct oil per day ? Dosage and Safety Concerned with Sharrets MCT .

If you want to start with MCT Coconut oil first start with a little dose and small amount. begin with 1teaspoon 2-3 times  a day and slowly increase the amount to get balanced with your body. 

Once your body initiates to adjust with Sharrets coconut mct oil and to the metabolization process, you can then increase the intake to 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day. MCT oil is generally safe if taken in recommended dosage and doesn’t have adverse effects.

How to Use MCT Coconut oil ? Sharrets MCT oil is a colorless , odorless , flavorless,  keto supplement and easy to add to daily diets . You can add MCT oil or MCT powder in smoothies, morning coffee, salads or you can also add in your protein shakes , or take MCT alone for 15g of Fat per serving . 

MCT oil usage I MCT oil used for : The nutritional benefits associated with the rapid metabolization of Sharrets MCT oil , enable it to find utility in ketogenic diet , bulletproof diet , sports nutrition as well as  weight management products to increase exercise performance.

Coconut MCT oil is suitable for medical nutritional products, as an ingredient of prophylactic or therapeutic foods or food administered through a tube to gastrointestinal patients with fat malabsorption syndrome like, an energy source.

MCT coconut oil can also be used in special purpose for infants, unable to metabolize long chain fats improving digestibility; in pediatric nutritional s as a processing aid in preparations of fat-soluble nutrients.

MCT coconut oil nutrition facts 

Nutritional Information of MCT oil



Amount per Serving .

Energy (mct oil calories)

K cal.





- of Which saturates 



- of Which Unsaturates 



- of Which Polyunsaturates 


















Typical Naturally occurring Fatty Acids 

Caprylic acid ( C8) 60%



Capric acid (C10) 40%



Ingredients of mct oil  : MCT oil USP / Ph. Eur / FCC Compliant. 

This product Coconut MCT oil is intended as a dietary food supplement only . For best results, Sharrets MCT oil bulletproof - should be taken in conjunction with a healthy keto diet & regular exercise program.

CAUTION (mct oil side effects)  : There are some cases of mild diarrhea (mct oil diarrhea) when newly started to consume MCT Oil, remember to start with a little dosage and take a test before you intake the MCT Oil and Powder. Make sure it is friendly with your body and your body response proper to it.

MCT is also available in powder form if you are not fine with oil use powder instead. This can be easily consumed by the stomach. However MCT oil wouldn’t affect your body's digestion system or have any side effects, but to be safe if you have a sensitive stomach, it is very important to be cautious. 

Can MCT oil be used for cooking ? Cooking with MCT oil I : As MCT oil has relatively is Not recommended for cooking due to its relatively low boiling point. 

Allergen Information : Contains Coconut                                         

Storage : Store MCT oil in a cool , dry place . Keep Sharrets Coconut MCT oil out of the reach of Children . 

MCT coconut oil India I Where to Buy MCT Coconut Oil ? Where to get mct oil in India ?

You can buy MCT coconut oil for weight loss or for your sports or any other goals at or you can also get it from Amazon, Flipkart, Seniority , 1mg, etc. at the best affordable rates. 

MCT oil in India I Sharrets coconut mct oil in India - best mct oil to buy. 
MCT coconut oil price in India : Rs.2980.00 ( 32 Oz.)
MCT oil manufacturer in India I MCT oil supplier in India I MCT oil

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