Pure Vegetable glycerin

Rs. 950.00Rs. 1,115.00
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin
  • Pure Vegetable glycerin

Pure Vegetable glycerin

Rs. 950.00Rs. 1,115.00
Rs. 950.00Rs. 1,115.00

Vegetable glycerin , 99.7%  USP / IPEC / FCC sharrets vegetable glycerin

Non GMO - Gluten free Vegetable glycerin .

Kosher Halal Vegetable Glycerin , Vegetable glycerin online , Vegetable glycerin India , Best Vegetable glycerin in India. Packed in certified BPA free bottle.

Formula: C3H5(OH)3 
Molecular Wt.: 92.09
Generic Name: Glycerin, Glycerol 
Chemical Name: Glycerol, Glicerol, Glycerine, 1,2,3-Propanetriol

Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is our highest quality, Ideal for many Food & DIY projects, Benefits hair & skin. 

What is Vegetable glycerine made of ? Sharrets Non GMO Gluten free Vegetable Glycerin is derived from tropical tree nut sources (palm/palm kernel/coconut). 

What is Vegetable Glycerin ? It is a Clear colorless , odorless , viscous hygroscopic , virtually water white liquid with a slightly sweet taste . Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin is a very stable liquid providing a unique blend of chemical and physical properties that make it an exceptionally versatile raw material.

VG is compatible (non-antagonistic) with a wide range of other materials commonly used in foods, personal care and medicinal products. VG is Stable and soluble in water and miscible with ethanol , slightly soluble with acetone. 

Complies with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia ) , FCC ( Food chemical codex)  & meets specifications of IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipients Councils ) 

Does Vegetable glycerin whiten skin? 
Vegetable Glycerin has a wide range of amazing skin benefits . Vegetable Glycerin lightens the complexion of skin and makes it flawless. VG not only brings lighter tone for your skin but also protects from tanning.

What are the benefits of Vegetable glycerin ? Amazing skin benefits of vegetable glycerin (Vegetable glycerin for skin) What glycerin does to the skin?

  • Anti-ageing treatment
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Cleanser
  • Acne treatment
  • Blackhead treatment
  • Dry skin treatment
  • Soften your skin
  • Helps treat dandruff.
  • Restore health to dry, brittle and lifeless hair.

Directions for use  ( For Skin & Hair care) : For soft, moisturizer skin simply massage a few drops of vegetable glycerin (VG) on desired area, as needed . Dilute with water , or mix into your shampoo or conditioner for hair care.  

vegetable glycerin buy online What is vegetable glycerin used for ? Uses & applications of Vegetable Glycerin :  

Cosmetic use of Vegetable glycerin : 

Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin is a key ingredient in many cosmetic and personal care products including skin lotions & creams , toothpaste , bar soaps , deodorants , shaving preparations , etc. Sharrets Vegetable glycerin is ideal excipient for DIY beauty products. 

Vegetable glycerin for Pharmaceutical Use: 

It is one of the most widely used Excipients in all types of medicinal & pharmaceutical products including ointments, syrups, capsules, suppositories, herbal extracts , elixirs and expectorants etc. 

Vegetable glycerin for food : 

Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin is a component of several types of beverages and human and pet food products. VG is used as filler in low-fat food products (e.g. Cookies) . Vegetable glycerin is used as a humectant and softening agent in Cakes , Candy , Pet foods and casings for meats & cheeses. Vegetable Glycerin restores consistency to dried out icing colors & Fondants . Used as De / Anti Icing Fluids. 

Vegetable glycerin is used as sweetener , emulsifier , humectant , substitute for water , food preservative , as a solvent for flavours & food coloring. VG is also used in manufacture of polyglycerol esters going into shortenings and margarine . Vegetable glycerin is used as emulsifiers in manufacture of mono-di- glycerides. 

Industrial / Household / Intermediate /  Agro uses of Vegetable glycerin

  • Vegetable glycerin is used in surface coatings and paints. 
  • It can be used as plasticizer and softener. 
  • Polyols .
  • Vegetable Glycerin is the initiator to which propylene oxide/ethylene oxide is added 
  • Vegetable glycerin is used in de/anti-icing fluids .
  • Vegetable glycerin is used in lubricating, sizing, and softening of yarn and fabric .
  • Vegetable glycerin is used in manufacturing of paper as a plasticizer, humectant, and lubricant.
  • Used in Cellulose films in Household Care . 
  • Used as a Carrier , Solvent , Humectant, Anti-freeze in agro Industry. 

Other uses of Vegetable glycerin  :  

Used as Recreational vehicle (RV) anti-freeze fluids ,Vegetable glycerin is used in combination with propylene or ethylene glycol for fluids that require low freezing points and low viscosity.       

Product Information : Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin , 99.7% USP/ FCC  

Nutritional Information per 100g : Energy Value 432 Kcal, Protein 0, Cholesterol 0,Fat 0,Carbohydrate 100 g,Minerals 0, Vitamins 0, Preservatives  0 , Additives 0 [ Glycerin is metabolized as a carbohydrate].

Ingredients:  Vegetable Glycerin , 99.7% USP/ FCC       
Non GMO , Gluten Free (No Preservatives or additives added).

PACKAGING : Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin is available in - 32 Fl.oz.(946ml.) & 300gram Food grade HDPE Container. 

STORAGE : Store in sealed container in a cool and dry place , away from heat , strong acids and oxidizing agents .

CAUTION : Keep out of reach of children. Avoid any direct eye & / or skin contact with the  Vegetable Glycerin . Wash hands with soap and water after handling the VG . 

If you have any known skin conditions or are allergic to palm , please consult your dermatologist before using this product . Use this Vegetable glycerin only on a small part of your body to test skin reaction . If redness or irritation occurs -  discontinue use and consult your dermatologist. 

The following Side effects are associated with use of Vegetable Glycerin.
Cramping , Cramping rectal pain, Excessive bowel activity, Rectal irritation. 

QUALITY STATEMENTS : No Preservatives  or additives , No Phthalate, No Glycol Ether, No Nanoparticles, No Aflatoxin and No Silicones . No Residual solvents ,No Animal testing.  Not sourced from the Jatropha plant or any of its derivatives.Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin do not contain microorganisms or their toxins or metabolites in quantities that present an unacceptable risk for human and animal health safety. Sharrets VG is not expected to contain or to have come in contact with latex.

TSE / BSE Information: Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) and Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) are not a concern with Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin as it is derived from plant oils only. 

Irradiation Treatment: Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin have been not irradiated.

Allergen Information : No allergens are present from the following sources: milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, sulfites, sesame seeds, aspartame, gluten source, monosodium glutamate, mustard seed or soybean.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information and statements presented on this product page is based on the best data available and is believed to be correct. However, nothing stated herein is to be construed as a warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of the information or the use of Sharrets Vegetable Glycerin ; not shall anything contained herein be construed to constitute permission or recommendation to practice any invention covered by patent or patent application without a license from the owner of the patent, patent application or know how.

Product pictures of this product are for illustrative purpose only and may vary from the original packing.

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Benefits of Vegetable glycerin.
Cosmetic uses of Vegetable glycerin you should know. 
Benefits of Pure Glycerin oil on skin.

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